Human beings have had a long-standing love affair with psychic readings, because they offer glimpses of future and past that no ordinary present-day historian can give. Sometimes people want a clairvoyant reading; sometimes they seek closure whether it means breaking things off completely or wrapping them up neatly before going on with life. And every now and then someone may just be too curious not to ask at all. Within the psychic readings community, a wide range of techniques are available to cater for every kind of interest and need. Here we introduce you to some of today’s most important types–along with their unique characteristics and implications.

Tarot Card Readings

Among the variously interpreted forms of psychic divination, fortune-telling using a deck of tarot cards has become, without question, one of the most reputable. The reader, by dint of symbolic imagery on each card and the meanings he or she associates with them, uses these to provide help and insight into your life. Talk about these readings may inclose love and careers growth, the way to write a novel. Tarot card reading can reveal fate: if it is good or bad (after all, is there such thing as luck?); but if that ill-fated chance also happens to be one that resembles the story of Cinderella which leads her into high society and all sorts of fame, then is it really such terrible chance or not?

Typically durings a tarot card reading session, the seeker (the person whom the reading is for) shuffles the deck of cards while thinking about his question or problem. Next cards are spread out from which a lot might depend on these people– how lucky will they be ? How long until World War III? By intuition and understanding the symbols manifested in these pictures, an explanation of crucial questions is forthcoming; an infusion that may well change for ever today’s course–or any day at all.

Astrology Readings

Astrology readings probe those cosmic influences which are thought to mold an individual’s character, his or her relationships and the events of life depending upon where on earth he was born. Astrologers use birth charts (also known as natal charts) to make a map of a man’s life course, showing up the position of sun, moon, planets etc. with respectful tautness vis-à-vis zodiacal signs and houses.

When astrologers look at a horoscope for a client, they sit and analyze the unique configurations present in that person’s natal chart jo discovers things about ones strengths, challenges and potential lifepaths.

By interpreting the celestial energies (planets and stars) in this way, astrologers can offer guidance about everything from career choice to personal development. The differing energies affect different aspects of life, so each goes into its own paragraph.

Palmistry (Palm Reading)

Palmistry, also called chiromancy or palm reading for short, is a practice that uses hand shapes and lines on hands to represent the future life events of an individual. Lines, shapes, and markings show aspects of his/her personality; they may also indicate what direction their lives will take.

Each line or marking on the palm is thought to represent information specific to a person’s journey in life or its potential outcome.

During a palmistry reading, the palmist checks over various points on his clients’ hands including: lines (such as the heart line, head line, and life line), mounts (fleshy pads on the palm) and general shape and texture. By interpreting these features in the context of the client’s questions or concerns, the palmist offers viewpoints into their personality traits, strengths, problems and potential pathways.

Numerology Readings

Numerology is a divinatory technique that probes the magical significance of numbers and their influence on human life. By associating letters in the alphabet with numerical values as well as deriving meaningful patterns from birth dates and names, numerologists believe they can reveal insights into an individual’s character, motivations, and life purpose.

During a numerology reading, the numerologist looks at the numerical components in the client’s birthdate and name to uncover its underlying themes and tendencies. Using precise methods based on established numerological principles, he provides insights into the client’s strengths, challenges and realms of possibility for growth in life. Numerology readings may be able to assess the compatibility between two people based on their numerical profiles.

Mediumship Readings

Mediumship readings, in which the deceased use living mediums as conduits in order to convey messages or diseases to a living person, provide calue to the bereaved. On the input end are individuals-with the ability to perceive and communicate away from the material plane–but serving home for these messages as itself lie in between. They relay messages from the spirit world to clients.

To perform a mediumship reading the medium first attunes herself to an altered state of consciousness or trance. Then by means of clairvoyance, clairaudience and other paranormal skills the medium processes messages, images and impressions from spirits which are then transmitted to the client. Some of these messages function as healing or comfort pill; others might help in healing past losses. The client receives information on unresolved issue so as allow them peace and possibility.


The world of psychic readings is a rich and varied one, offering many pathways to find insight, guidance and connection. Whether through tarot cards, astrology, palmistry, numerology or mediumship an individual has multiple occasions to explore the mysteries of past present future. Each type of psychic reading brings its own unique worldview and perspective, giving valuable ballast on life’s journey. As seekers of truth and understanding we are still drawn to these ancient techniques, taking comfort from the wisdom they offer.